welcome to Wonderland

this is the paradise of the CLAMP characters; welcome to the CLAIM a character made by CLAMP. This means, whatever character they made (including Code Geass), you can claim and plug it on your site. It's really easy to do it, read the rules, check the list of claimed, so you can see if your character has been already claimed, then get the code and join the clique.

Wonderland was last updated on 08.01.2017. Characters claimed: 15.
Last character to be claimed: Ashura, Taishakuten, Yasha-Ou and Syaoran (TRC)

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8th January 2017 - added 1 members (4 character for 4 diferent sites)
22nd October 2016 - added 3 members (sorry i was without computer for so long added everyone I hope)
23rd July 2014 - added member
6th June 2014 - added member
17th February 2014 - added member
16th February 2014 - Clique up and running