to Toxicity, the CLAMP directory.
The directory to unite in one place various kinds of CLAMP related sites, shrines, domains, fanlisting, ect. If you want to join, please first read the rules, and than you are welcome to join the directory with your sites.

Why this directory?

If I remeber well there once was a CLAMP Fanlisting directory, and it seems that still runs, but I didn't want to be a copycat, and decided to anyway put up a CLAMP all type of sites directory with a deferent name: Toxicity...

Last updated on 8th March 2017 and we have 10 sites that are part of the directory.


16th December 2017 - Added affiliate
7th March 2017 - Deleted dead links
26th January 2015 - added new affiliate
13th January 2015 - There is a problem with the forms, if you don't see your site listed, please send me an email to sayathecat at gmail dot com with subject toxicity
18th April 2014 - Added a new affiliate
14th February 2014 - new layout and re-aranged listed
8th February 2014 - cleaned the directory and added a link in shrine
17th June 2011 - cleaned the directory and updated few links
12th September 2010 - moved the directory and cleaned and updated the shrines

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Toxicity (c) Saya | Bloody Network
CLAMP own themselfs and their creations. The sites are owned by their owners. Toxicity is just not official, non-profit directory, that wants to unite all the sites dedicated to CLAMP and their works around the net.